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The Journey

A Community of Passionate Runners

From your first step in a running shoe, to your last step in an ultramarathon, we are here for you. The Journey is your community; a place to connect and share your passion for running, to create authentic relationships, to inspire and be inspired and to be cheered by our global team of runners.

Connected by breath, and the pain of refusing to quit.
We run alone, together.

The finish line may be the destination.

But for us, it's all about the journey.


You have found a space where we seek to raise the bar in relation to your passion for running, for the deep & authentic relationships you will create, for being able to inspire and be inspired, for the content and experiences you will have access to. When you thought running alone was incredible, wait until you can count on the benefits of running as a team who, just like you, runs for the real benefits of running.

What to expect

What to expect

What to expect

What to expect


You will have access to our digital safe space where we will share stories and learnings, victories and losses, help others to achieve their goals by just saying: "Count on me!"


"Makefriends with pain and you'll never be alone". At "The Journey"we share the same experience and we seek the same goals. This is where magichappens. When you get back home from work or practice, you will have acommunity of runners that holds each other accountable to keep momentum. Yourjourney, is our journey,

Support & Training

Being a global community, with our "The Journey Experiences", we will organize digital and physical events all year around, for you to connect with the others members, to give you support on your training with the best tips and give you a boost with some inspiring stories.

Best Version of Yourself

Everything will be planned and prepared to make you enjoy as much as possible the journey towards your best version. Why go alone, when you can count on us?

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Running is not only about pace, time and competition. It is also about stories, the mindset, thoughts and the resilience.


Go! We got your back, remember?

You are the best!
(You know that, right?)

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